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Imperial Glasswork
Imperial Glasswork
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Imperial Glasswork Initially, this was the St. Petersburg state-owned factory, built by W. Elmsall circa 1735 on the river Fontanka, where the craftsmen and equipment from the Yamburg plant were transferred. After the death of W. Elmsall in 1738, the plant was transferred to the treasury and was under the control of the Palace Office. In 1774 he was transferred to village Naziya of Shlisselburg Province. In 1777, it was transferred "to the eternal and hereditary possession" of Duke G.A. Potemkin, who transferred it to the village Ozerki, located four miles from St. Petersburg and was called the Potemkin plant in 1783. After the death of G.A. Potemkin in 1792. it was returned to the treasury and became known as the Imperial Glasswork. In 1870 became part of the Imperial Porcelain Factory.
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Imperial Porcelain Factory