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Gerasimov Peter Alexandrovich
Gerasimov Peter Alexandrovich
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Russian architect, restorer and teacher, founding member and Chairman of the Moscow Architectural Society in 1869 Born in 1812. Studied at the Architectural School of the Expedition of the Kremlin buildings in 1822–1832. Since 1835 he worked in the Moscow Palace Office. He had become and architect since 1847. He took part in a number of construction works in the Moscow Kremlin: restoration of the Terem Palace (1836–1849), construction of the Grand Kremlin Palace (1838–1849), decoration of the Faceted Chamber (1845), reconstruction of the old Armory building into Kremlin barracks (1852–1855), reconstruction of the Small Nikolaevsky Palace (1860s), the renewal of the Spasskaya Tower and the construction of a chapel for it (1867) etc. From 1849 to 1865 he taught perspective and drawing at the Moscow Palace of Architecture School (MDAU), and from 1859 to 1865 became its Director. He taught architecture at the architectural department of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture since 1866. He became the Head of the Drawing room of the Moscow Palace Office. Died on December 20th, 1869
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